Why we use a Rotovac instead of a carpet wand?

First and foremost, the Rotovac is an electric power tool. Comparing the Rotovac to a conventional carpet wand is like comparing an electric skill saw to a hand saw.

The counter-rotating cleaning heads of the Rotovac can make more cleaning passes per minute than is ever possible with a manual scrub wand. The rotary cleaning heads with its six spray jets and six vacuum slots turn at 250 rpm, producing 1500 extraction cleaning passes per minute compared to only about ten passes with a manual wand.

Since the cleaning heads turn in a circular motion, the carpet fibers are cleaned in all directions. This is what produces a far superior cleaning result.

The patented dome-shaped design of the cleaning heads completely encompasses the spray jets and vacuum slots to create a “steam chamber” effect in the cleaning zone with minimal heat loss. This powerful combination of contained heat, agitation and multiple flushing actions creates cleaning dynamics that cannot be equaled with a manual wand as the picture above shows.

The Rotovac’s intensive cleaning action restores heavily soiled carpets and matted traffic areas.

On average, the Rotovac leaves the carpet 20% drier when compared to a manual wand under similar conditions.

And because of all the advantages mentioned above, the Rotovac, when combined with our state of the art truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine and safe hypo-allergenic cleaning chemicals, your carpets come out as clean and restored to new as they possibly can be!

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